The Exciting Indian Healing Clay





Clays has been used been for years to beautify and replenish the skin when used as a facial mask. Spas in Roman and German has practiced to use clay packs and treatment preserved for over 4000 years. Cleopatra also used clay from Nile River and Arabian River as apart of her beauty ritual. Calcium Bentonite is dry clay formed from old volcanic ash. It’s said to absorb body toxins, sucks up dirt and oil that hardens on your skin. Also used to detoxify the body, improve indigestion and improve skin tone and more. This is for external use only as it forms a mask on your skin. There are a lot of benefits from this very inexpensive product which makes it even more appealing. As we all know our skin type varies therefore a product might be effective on one person’s skin and not so well on another. Before trying any product at all its advised to do a patch test to get an idea as to how your skin will react.



How to use:

Its highly recommended to mix this product with Apple Cider Vinegar.

  • You’ll need a mixing bowl to combine your products, an applicator brush and a applicator wood stick for mixing.
  • Combine a tablespoon full of Indian Clay to tablespoon full of Apple Cider and mix into a smooth paste. (you can use a larger portion depending on your preference)
  • If your skin is sensitive you may wanna keep this on for 5-10 mins. If you have a normal skin type 15-20 mins should be fine. You’re likely to feel a pulling or tightening sensation while wearing the mask.
  • Remove product with warm water, there might be slight redness but that will disappear with a few minutes.
  • Recommended usage is once per week.


Please bear in mind that you may not have the same experience as others who have tried this product. Ensure to conduct a patch test to have an idea as to how your skin will react to the product. I hope you will enjoy and have clear skin soon if u decide to give this product a try. Happy Holidays!


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