Do’s and Don’ts When Dating A Jamaican Man


I’m sure most men have the same expectations of their women and its really not rocket science. One’s culture could help to determine what’s acceptable and what’s not. If you’re interested in dating a Jamaican man (whether its long term or just a quick fling) there are things that you need to know that will make this a more pleasing experience. I have had numerous conversations with my male colleagues and they have expressed the same concerns, so I am certain these will be helpful.


Be Appreciative and supportive

Us women like to be pampered and feel highly appreciated even if we simply move a pin, so does our men. Take him out on a dinner date even if its not his birthday or your anniversary, or buy a surprised gift. Show that you support him in whatever he’s venturing into. It should be easy for  you to treat someone the same way you would like to be treated. Appreciate whatever he does for you even if it doesn’t seem like that much of great deal to you it is to him. There are even those who won’t hesitate to tell you that they you need to step your game up.

Be able to cook

If you’re not able to cook you need to start reading or watching videos with Jamaican cuisine being prepared. Its very important that you are able to cook, so start doing your research if you know a friend of a friend who knows a Jamaican you should build a friendship there. He will not be going to KFC and Popeyes more than once or twice per week. There is nothing like a home cooked meal to a Jamaican, they love their homecooked meal. If it is that you are not able to cook tell him, if you are not a Jamaican I am sure he wouldn’t expect for you to be able to prepare Jamaican dishes. Happily, its very likely that he will assist you with the cooking until you are able to do it on your own.

Conduct yourself respectfully both in attitude and appearance

Generally, the way you conduct yourself does say a lot about you. You cant be with a Jamaican man and do as you please. Of course some men are fussy than others. But its advised to always look good and behave well mannered. If you are going out together dress appropriately, ensure that your hair is clean and neatly done. If there is something wrong there is a possibility that he will say to you or fix it. They will not try to control you, but expect a certain level of behavior.

Ask Questions

Yes, us women are very quick to jump to conclusions and carry-on. Listen, they will not tolerate this. Sometimes it can be very hard to be calm and handle situations in a tranquil manner when we have enough reasons and evidence to carry on. Whatever you think is going on ask. Even if you are sure, ask nicely. Attacking them will only cause them to shut down emotionally and you will never really find out what really happened. They will take a break thinking that they are giving you time to calm down when we all know being ignored will only make you angrier. So for peace, ask all you need to know.

Maintain A Good Hygiene And Cleanliness

Hygiene is important, period. Take regular showers and visit your gynae regularly. Keep your surroundings and yourself in an acceptable manner at all times. By the way, they sometime like to drop by unannounced so keep things together at all times.


Do Not Make A Sex Tape

Generally, its a great risk to make sex tape and leave it in other people possession. Some Jamaican men are very revengeful and will not hesitate to post your video if u have a misunderstanding. Its best to not have made one from the beginning.

Don’t Become Dependent

Some men are very unappreciative of females nagging them for money or anything at all. Its probably best to allow a Jamaican man to say “babe, here’s some pocket money” rather than you constantly asking for him for cash. Its also very important that you are clear of your stance in the relationship that you don’t overstep your boundaries asking for what was never offered. He will not take on your responsibilities early in the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Jamaican men do take care of their women, but you are not expected to become too needy. They will provide whatever help you need but also want you to be independent.

Don’t Nag When They Are Busy or with friends

Now, a lot of us women establish relationships with busy men expecting them to change for us, Oh no they won’t. If that was his way of life before you two were involved he can make adjustments to spend time with you but still have other commitments. Bear in mind, that that job helps to take care of you also. A Jamaican man has no tolerance for nagging and constant complaining. It would be best to ask him how often you two will be able to spend time together if he has a busy schedule to avoid misunderstandings later on in the relationship. Jamaican men hangs with their friends a lot. Sometimes these gatherings are very random also, while you probably had plans for the both you. This will take some time getting used to.

Don’t broadcast his relationship

In this time and age we share most of our life and daily activities on social media. It would be best to ask your man how he feels about this before uploading a picture of you two cuddling. While some men has no problem whatsoever, there are those who wants to be completely private.

Don’t discuss his business with others.

We all know that us females always have our little gatherings where we discuss our relationships. Jamaican men are not a big fan of having their business being broadcasted. They are not necessarily secretive but its a need to know basis. Consider yourself fortunate if they even converse or share certain things with you as they sometimes tend to have trust issues.

I hope these are helpful to you if you are dating a Jamaican man or hoping to. Enjoy!






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