Emancipation Day?


Acculturation or deculturation?

Acculturation is basically the merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact while deculturation is the process of stripping a tribe or people of their indigenous traits.
Lets make it clear enslaved Africans were not intended to be acculturated but were rather brainwashed into believing that their beliefs and way of life were inferior and was to be abandoned. This way it would be easier to keep a mass of people submissive. They told them they were primitive that they built nothing and they knew nothing. They told them they were endulging in pagan worship and that their religion was the right one. They told them they were ugly and that they looked like monkeys.

All this is history and we have come along way since then, right? lets see…

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds– Bob Marley

When you close your eyes to pray what is the image you think of? This guy below right? Who told you that this is what god looked like?


During slavery it was against the law to teach a slave to read or write. Slave masters however had that one house slave who they gave a little education to and during their church services they would have that slave deliver the sermon while he, the slave master sat in the middle as the overseer. This region has the most churches per square mile, most churches have overseers who still deliver the same messages delivered to our ancestor during slavery.

Colossians 3:22
Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything, not only to please them while they are watching, but with sincerity of heart and fear of the Lord.

How convenient was that verse during slavery? Just imagine stripping a people of their culture and forcing that into their minds. According to Bernard Magubane in his book The Ties That Bind: African-American Consciousness of Africa , “Christianity raised the obedience of the slave to moral duty, something to be performed with gladness for future rewards”

“Use up your fair and white…” – vybz kartel

Of course you know what fair and white is most of you reading this article either know someone who bleach or currently do. To exercise control slave masters convinced slaves that white was best and black was ugly, that our nappy hair was ugly that their straight hair is better. What exists today as a result are African descendants walking around with bleached out faces and the white women hair. Why is it that we are so hell bent on being white?

Many African descendants are in denial of the long-lasting affects of the traumatically brutal institution.

I find myself being more attracted to partners of a lighter complexion than my own. Is it that I love light skin or do i hate my blackness, maybe its just a coincidence completely on related to slavery. We all might be suffering from the same mental illness brought on by the enslavement of our ancestors whether we accept it or not.

What language do you speak?

Jamaican patois? Whats that? A mix of about three other languages and a African tongue. Therefore patios is not even completely our language. Our official language is English. They teach English, French and Spanish in our schools. Since we are of African descendant why aren’t any African languages taught in school? Because they tell you that English is universal and its better and you need to learn it to get a job. Language is critical to the expression of culture. If people forget their native tongue, they lose an important aspect of their culture and a piece of who they are. So the question remains what tongue did our ancestors speak before slavery? Why don’t we know it?

The defamation of Africa and the ideology of black inferiority was apart of the process of deculturation. Christianity was the instrument used to accomplish this and the conversion of slaves to Christianity and represented the incorporation of enslaved Africans into the mental universe of the whites. This has resulted in the image we formulate in our minds of a white Christ as well as our obsession with the “white look” and a country void of an important aspect of our ancestral culture – our language.

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