Quick Hair Growth Tips



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         “You have such lovely hair for a black girl!” I’m sure most black women with lovely hair have gotten this back-handed compliment at least once in their lives. Being from an African descent there is this misconception that natural African hair is bad and it cant grow too much. We are all capable of growing a considerable length of hair. The fact is texture and curls vary from person to person but it can be just as gorgeous nevertheless but first we need to love it enough to care for it and not be afraid to experiment with different types of braids.

With patience and dedication, you can have beautiful lengthy luscious hair!  I have thought of a few helpful tips that can assist you during your journey.


  • Retain Moisture.

Dry hair breaks, therefore, you can NEVER afford for your hair to become dry! (I can confidently say this is the most important of all the tips I’ll provide you.) Invest in natural based moisturizing products as these contain fewer chemicals that can potentially harm your hair. Snap up a spray bottle or two so you can mix a little of your moisturizer with water for a more even application.

  • Secure a few bottles of natural oils.

Now, these might be somewhat expensive and not the best smelling but very healthy for your hair. Natural oils are less greasy and help to seal moisture to provide maximum protection for your curls. After moisturizing, I recommend you apply ample amount of oil just enough that your hair can absorb comfortably.

  • Less shampoo, more conditioner.

Some shampoos tend to remove the natural oils from your hair, as a result, your hair becomes exceedingly vulnerable to breakage! Try to spare a few extra minutes to find a very mild shampoo. If it is that you are unable to readily obtain a light shampoo, considering using shampoos once per week. Cowash conditioners could be an excellent substitution since they are specially formulated to remove grease and product build from your hair. The creamer your conditioner the better, as your hair will be manageable and very “coily”!

  • Practice finger combing.

Yes, finger comb! For kinky hair, combs are among our many enemies. Finger combing allows you to manipulate your hair and is an outstanding technique if u have knots. Of course, u can’t finger comb dry hair, as mentioned earlier moisturizing is key. It’s highly recommended that u finger comb while conditioning your hair or add a little water to soften your curls before u begin. Section your hair into small sections and work through with your fingers from roots to ends until completely detangled. This also helps to give u defined curls.

  • Trim your ends.

Why would you trim your ends if you are trying to retain length? Often times we need to trim our ends as the hair at the immediate end is the hair we have had the longest. Take a small section of your hair and simply glide your fingertips from the root to the end. Wherever you may feel a slight change in texture is exactly how much should be removed. Split ends can and will cause further damage to your hair if not removed quickly. If you only have half inch of split ends within a few days you’ll have an inch so it’s advised to get riddance of those ends asap.

If you adhere to these simple but effective tips I can assure you your hair will thrive! and please do remember, although not always perfect, your hair is just as unique as you are!

Happy journey!

Do you know of any other tips that i might of failed to mention for natural African hair or simply hair in general? Do share!

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