Carrying Your Cross



The history of Jesus and the events leading up to his crucifixion is a very popular story especially in the Easter Season.  A man who possesses so much power yet was subject to such ridicule up to the time of his death seemed absurd. We in today’s society can relate his experience to ours in terms of the different hardship or oppression that we encounter daily or occasionally.  Jesus, the “King of the Jews”, was rejected and persecuted by the very people he came to save. People he encountered on a daily basis and performed good deeds for, his followers! Disciples who he called friends disowned him and betrayed him.  Similarly, we can relate to situations where we are misjudged, discriminated, betrayed and ridiculed by our friends, loved ones, or society maybe because of our religious belief, gender, goals, or aspirations.

By carrying his own cross Jesus was subjected to the lowest forms of humiliation and a very painful death. However, he showed enough resolve to see it through.  Christianity will teach us to remain faithful to God and pray without ceasing as a means to overcome the adversity.  While through different moral aspects we learn to chase our dreams or what we believe in despite the doubts others may have in us.  People may not see eye to eye in every situation but we ought to be self driven and be determined to stand for what we believe in.  So if you are a member of a poor family that’s struggling to make ends meet and your dream is to break the cycle of poverty by attending a tertiary institution and obtaining that college degree, don’t let your current situation get you discouraged.  Remember Jesus had to carry his own cross to his death. However, he rose again after three days, in triumph.

Even though back then the cross just simply meant a torturous death let’s try to view it as that burden we need to get rid of the load on our backs that we need to let go. Many suffer from depression, addiction, stress and physical ailments but whatever your cross Jesus wants us to follow his lead, ” take up your cross and follow me”.  People will scorn you, try to humiliate you, friends will betray you, family will reject you but be stead fast. Just as Jesus was victorious over death and hell so will you.  React as how Jesus did, with humility and prayer, let your perseverance push on because as Jesus has risen on the third day, with determination and the grace of God  You will rise above your circumstances and be triumphant.

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