Upcoming Artist

B70C465B-D7ED-4EF4-8F50-6F4CFD8EAF2COur first ever feature comes from Kalex .

KaleX is a triple threat musician, being a Producer, Artiste and Songwriter. His musical sound is a rich fusion of a large palette of influences, ranging from reggae to afrobeat and everything in between.

The production aspect of his career began in 2012 when he began making beats for his own songs. Since then, he has produced for artistes such as Artikal, Casanova, D’Angel, Sizzla (on his popular Celsius Riddim project) and most recently has co produced and released a riddim featuring Popcaan, Chargii, Khxos, Belizean act Stig Da Artist and more.

Since the release of his ‘0 to 100 freestyle’ in 2014, his musical growth has been evident and this can be seen in his two most popular singles, Wol Di Faith and Palm Trees & Liquor which has made charts in Belize.

Check out this video of Kalex’s latest work!


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