My Melanin



You say you hate my skin!

What about it though? The lack of Carotene or the abundance of Melanin?!
Same difference? Yeah I know!
Talk about Confucius Confucius right?
But anyways, you say you hate my skin!
What? The fact that I wear it with pride? Or is if the fact that it’s a reminder of a place of where my ancestors once reside.
You say you hate my skin!
May I assume it’s the fact that “the caroteners” hate the fact that we embrace that we will never be accepted for our skin. I get it though! How does one isolate misconception or I think better yet called, illusion; from the truth. When we were grown up being lectured that you are “white” and you are “black”. Rather than we are all human beings. As if we were given the option to choose our “skin color”. I mean we didn’t volunteer like hey! Me over here! Can you make me pink! No, forget it! Let’s keep it simple, Black will do! No, not that shade! A little darker please.
Yes believe me, I get it! You hate my skin!
And I think it’s in being such beautiful “black” understanding beings that we allowed our shade/skin/ hue/color/Melanin; whatever you choose to call it, to be “ostracized, attacked and found guilty!” But nonetheless we found redemption in knowing that we are all the same. Don’t think so? Take an x-ray and tell me what color you see! Pink? Green? Oh no! I know the answer! White right? No you say?Oh sorry, I meant Black? Ohh, none? I thought so.
But I mean I don’t blame you for saying you hate my skin.
Why would you not? Growing up being taught that we are monsters. Not literal monsters but the way we have been treated, is the equivalent of saying we are. Have you ever seen a science fiction movie or anything along that line?
The pure is clothed in white and Evil clothed in black. And now that we are on the topic of good and evil. You think so highly of the church doctrine but you seem to have leaped pass an area that reads “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart.” So who are you to hate or judge my skin!
Where did we go wrong?
We were beaten, enslaved, spoken down to and even lynched for crimes we didn’t even commit.
If anyone should be hating it should be “us”.
And while I already know the question, I must still ask; You still hate my skin?
I mean not that it matters. It’s that hatred, that repugnance, that despise that kept us fighting the fight. Kept us level headed and helped us to find that vigor
to know that we do not need to be accepted, we don’t need to be validated.
I mean as “human beings”, it’s just in our natural instinct to evaluate and analyze everything thing, place, and in most cases people we come in contact with but lest we forget; My fellow “pigmented” brother Martin Luther King had a “dream” and I guess to put it simple, I just want you to understand that “the dream” will never be just a fantasy.
You hate my skin!
Well, my dear. This skin holds a story and past that you could not have endured. And while I will always say the past is gone and is an investment of who and what “we” are. I must still speak of this skin that clothes me and tell stories of my origin. It’s the epitome of struggles and of hardships. It tells the stories of how the oppressors and the aggressors used social stratification to make you discriminate and even hate on a mere human being, without even knowing why.
But just a question, who taught you to hate so much?
Don’t even answer that! Rather than answer, let me say this, “judge me not by the color of my skin”. Then tell your fellow “people” this message; as per my fellow “Melaninated” brother Marcus Garvey
“Liberate the minds of men, and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.”
I love my skin and I love yours too

Written by: Sashane Dobson

12 thoughts on “My Melanin

  1. This is so true, I can hear the writer speak from their heart.This gave me more hope that I should forever love my skin. #WordsOfWisdomAndHope

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very powerful D! And that is the perfect photo to echo those powerful words! Quite beautiful indeed, may we find liberation from our mental state in these words!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Olivia. We’re elated to know that it has such an impact on all readers. Thanks for checking it out.


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